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Mark Ellis
creatore di Flashpoint, produttore, scrittore, attore
co-creator of Flashpoint, producer, writer, actor
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Data di nascita 10 Marzo
Birth date March 30
Nato a
Born in
Nazionalità Canadese
Nationality Canadian
Sposato con: Stephanie Morgenstern
Married with: Stephanie Morgenstern

Remembrance (...) Mark is a critically acclaimed theatre actor, and has performed in major theatres across the country.(...)
Sorry, but the link http://www.remembrancethefilm.com/feature_team.php where I found this review, is no longer available
Writers Talking TV (2011) Denis McGrath talks with Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern (Denis McGrath)
(...) _Listen_
FSR - FilmSchoolRejects (2011)

‘Flashpoint’ Co-Creator Mark Ellis Spills About The New Season (Merrill Barr)
(...) We are inspired by what we read and by the stories we hear from cops (...)
_read more_

TV, eh? (2010) Interview with Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern: Flashpoint Tests Family Bonds (Diane Wild)
(...) “The theme of the whole series is the human cost of heroism,” explained Morgenstern’s writing partner and husband Mark Ellis. “How can you be a cop who puts his life on the line every day, and then come home and be the guy who cuts the grass and is there for your family?” (...) _read more_
Complications Ensue (2009)

Morgenstern and Ellis on Flashpoint (Alex Epstein)
(...) there's a message buried in FLASHPOINT that I think is very Canadian: let's keep the peace (...)
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Premi e Nominations
Awards & Nominations
Writers Guild of Canada (2012)
Flashpoint (A Day in the Life)
Nomination for Best Writing in a Dramatic Series, shared with Stephanie Morgenstern _read more_
26th Gemini Awards (2011)
Flashpoint (Jumping at Shadows)
Winner for Best Writing in a Dramatic Series, shared with Stephanie Morgenstern _read more_
Writers Guild of Canada (2011)
Flashpoint (Jumping at Shadows)
Winner for Best Drama Series, shared with Stephanie Morgenstern _read more_
Writers Guild of Canada (2010) Flashpoint (Jumping at Shadows)
Nomination for Drama Series (One Hour), shared with Stephanie Morgenstern _read more_
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Pics on Twitter
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Pics from Flashpoint
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Pics from other Movie
Foto da Interviste, Dietro le quinte, Gala e Premiazioni
Pics from Interview, Behind the scenes, gala and awards
Titolo - Title Anno - Year Ruolo - Character Altro - Other info
Flashpoint 2008-2011 (Producer - Writer) TV Series
M.V.P. 2008 Crown TV Series
Bonded Pairs 2007 William Short
Shades of Black: The Conrad Black Story 2006 Vaughan TV Movie
Dark Oracle 2006 Doyle TV Series
At the Hotel 2006 Reverend Mackay TV Series
Kojak 2005 Legal Aid Attorney TV Series
The Shields Stories 2004 Stanley TV Series
La corte di Alice 2004 Corey TV Series
The Piano Man's Daughter 2003 Ormond's Solicitor TV Movie
Out of the Ashes 2003 Resident TV Movie
Agente speciale Sue Thomas 2003 Joe Harding TV Series
The Eleventh Hour 2003 Kyle Lonehan TV Series
La regola del sospetto 2003 Test Instructor Movie
Night's Noontime 2002 Young Man Short
Paradise Falls 2001 Paradise Falls TV Series
Blue Murder 2001 Robert Reynolds TV Series
Conspiracy Guy: Behind the Coat 2001 Barrington Felstep TV Short
Remembrance 2001 Writer - Actor (Alfred Graves) Short
Shooter 2000 Garcia Short
Children of My Heart 2000 Charlie Roebuck TV Movie
P.T. Barnum 1999 Niven TV Movie
Dash and Lilly 1999 Hollis, Rauh's Associate TV Movie
Dear America: A Picture of Freedom 1999 Mr Harms TV Short
Piccoli brividi 1998 Jake Ritter TV Series
After 1998 Robert Madison Short
The Pawn 1998 Priest Movie

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