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Enrico Colantoni
Greg Parker
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Data di nascita 14 Febbraio 1963
Birth date February 14, 1963
Nato a Toronto (Canada)
Born in Toronto
Nazionalità Canadese
Nationality Canadian
Interessi: Fans della squadra di hockey Toronto Maple Leafs
Interests: Fans of the hockey team Toronto Maple Leafs

Enrico Colantoni e Hugh Dillon sono registi e sceneggiatori di Issues un cortometraggio selezionato per il TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) 2011, in scena il 9 Settembre
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Enrico Colantoni and Hugh Dillon are co-directors and co-writers of Issues a new Short film, selected to have its world premiere at the 2011 TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival), on Sept. 9
Official website, click here

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Pics from Toronto International Film Festival, click here

09/ 2011

Issues (...) a creepy clown in a therapy session in this bizarro piece from the minds of Flashpoint partners Dillon and Enrico Colantoni (...) _read more_
Interviste e articoli
Interviews and Articles

InsideToronto.com (2011)

Flashpoint actor to MC Runnymede Healthcare Centre gala (Robert Allen)
(...) Enrico has visited our hospital many times and continues to be impressed with the excellent care we provide (...) _read more_

answerthecallblog.org (2011)

Hit Show Flashpoint Cast and ION Television Step Up to Answer the Call® – Podcast with Enrico Colantoni (Robert Allen)
(...) Enrico whose brother was a police officer in Canada has a special understanding of the value of first responders (...) _read more_
thedeadbolt.com (2011) New Flashpoint Drama with Enrico Colantoni, Hugh Dillon and David Paetku (Reg Seeton)
(...) Having real cops enjoy our series probably means more to us than most things (...) _read more_
(...) L’Aquila è la mia terza casa: c’è Los Angeles, Toronto e poi Santa Maria del Ponte. Riesco a tornare almeno una volta l’anno, molto dipende anche dagli impegni che ho (...) _read more_
MoviePlayer.it (2010) Intervista a Enrico Colantoni: Flashpoint's Dream Guy (Lorenza Negri)
(...) Non avrei accettato questa parte se non avessi fatto leggere prima lo script a mio fratello e lui non mi avesse assicurato che era un'ottima storia, molto familiare per lui. Inoltre era un'opportunità per me di "tornare a casa" e diventare sullo schermo quello che è stato lui per tanti anni.(...) _read more_
CanWest MediaWorks (2009) Enrico Colantoni Flashes Back to Flashpoint (Lorenza Negri)
(...) You need to know that not everything is life or death. It's like, OK, this is a difficult situation, but we're going to get through it. Everybody needs to have that anchor on their team and I get to do that, fortunately (...) _read more_
AskMen UK Enrico Colantoni... Just Shoot Him To Mars
(...) The two times that the Leafs and the Kings played each other in the past two years they tied 4-4. I really don't know how I would have reacted if one had won (...) _read more_
IGN (2006) A one-on-one with Veronica Mars's dad
(...) I do love the people down in San Diego. And the city is so awesome. It's so compact and manageable as a city. It's got everything you need, but it's not overwhelming like Los Angeles. (...) _read more_
filmmonthly.com (2004) Enrico Goes To 'Mars' (Del Harvey)
(...) My parents retired and moved back to Italy about 15 years ago, so I'd say my kids have been to Italy more times in their short lives than I have in my entire 41 years (...) _read more_
Barnes & Noble (2000) Just Shoot Me's Flip Photographer Gets Amusingly Alienated in Galaxy Quest
(...) I like drama. I never really embraced comedy. I always ran away from it. (...) _read more_
Premi e Nominations
Awards & Nominations
26th Gemini Awards (2011) Flashpoint (Jumping at Shadows)
Nomination for Best Performance by an Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role _read more_
Golden Nymph Awards (2010)
- Montecarlo TV Festival -
Nomination for Outstanding Actor - Drama Series _read more_
Family Film Award (2006) 8th Annual Family Friendly Awards
Winner of Favorite Father and Daughter (shared with Kristen Bell) _read more_
Teen Choice Awards (2006) Veronica Mars
Nomination for TV - Choice Parental Unit _read more_
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'Greg Parker' - Pics from Flashpoint
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Pics from Interview, Behind the scenes, gala and awards
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Servitude 2011 Franz Movie
Flashpoint 2008 - 2011 Sgt. Parker TV Series
The Kennedys 2011 J. Edgar Hoover TV Movie
The Chaperone 2011 Dr. Etman Movie
Bones 2010 Micah Leggat TV Series
Cra$h & Burn 2010 Danny DeRossi TV Series
The Fighter and the Clown 2010 Officer Ward TV Movie

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