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Stephanie Morgenstern
co-creatrice di Flashpoint, produttrice, scrittrice, attrice
co-creator of Flashpoint, producer, writer, actress
Data di nascita 10 Dicembre 1965
Birth date December 10th, 1965
Nata a Ginevra (Svizzera)
Born in Geneva (Switzerland)
Nazionalità Canadese
Nationality Canadian
Sposata con: Mark Ellis
Married with: Mark Ellis

Remembrance (...) Mark is a critically acclaimed theatre actor, and has performed in major theatres across the country.(...) Sorry, but the link http://www.remembrancethefilm.com/feature_team.php where I found this review, is no longer available
Writers Talking TV (2011) Denis McGrath talks with Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern (Denis McGrath)
(...) _Listen_
TV, eh? (2010) Interview with Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern: Flashpoint Tests Family Bonds (Diane Wild)
(...) “The theme of the whole series is the human cost of heroism,” explained Morgenstern’s writing partner and husband Mark Ellis. “How can you be a cop who puts his life on the line every day, and then come home and be the guy who cuts the grass and is there for your family?” (...) _read more_
Complications Ensue (2009)

Morgenstern and Ellis on Flashpoint (Alex Epstein)
(...) The show conspicuously takes place in Toronto, though we tend not to refer to it by name, any more than real Torontonians do on an average day (...)
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Premi e Nominations
Awards & Nominations
Writers Guild of Canada (2012)
Flashpoint (A Day in the Life)
Nomination for Best Writing in a Dramatic Series, shared with Mark Ellis _read more_
26th Gemini Awards (2011)
Flashpoint (Jumping at Shadows)
Winner for Best Writing in a Dramatic Series, shared with Mark Ellis _read more_
Writers Guild of Canada (2011)
Flashpoint (Jumping at Shadows)
Winner for Best Drama Series, shared with Mark Ellis _read more_
Writers Guild of Canada (2010) Flashpoint (Jumping at Shadows)
Nomination for Drama Series (One Hour), shared with Mark Ellis _read more_
Genie Awards (2003) Remembrance
Nomination for Best Live Action Short Drama, shared with Paula Fleck _read more_
Toronto Worldwide Short Film Festival (2002) Remembrance
Winner for Best Canadian Short _read more_
San Francisco International Film Festival (2002) - Certificate of Merit - Remembrance
Winner for Film & Video - Short Narrative _read more_
Jutra Awards (2002) Remembrance
Winner for Best Short Film (Meilleur Court Métrage) _read more_
National Board of Review Usa (1997) Il Dolce Domani
Winner for Best Acting by an Ensemble, shared with Ian Holm, Caerthan Banks, Sarah Polley, Tom McCamus, Gabrielle Rose, Alberta Watson, Maury Chaykin _read more_
Mannheim-Heidelberg International Filmfestival (1996)
- International Independent Award -
Nomination for Best Short, shared with Mark Morgenstern _read more_
Genie Awards (1996) Curtains
Nomination for Best Short Film, shared with Mark Morgenstern _read more_
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