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Interviste e Dietro le quinte
Interview & Behind the scenes
Video su Flashpoint, cast & crew:
Video about Flashpoint, cast & crew
FLASHPOINT: The Final Season by PKLaf

Farewell to Flashpoint by PKLaf

The origin of Flashpoint as told by Stephanie Morgenstern & Mark Ellis at 2009 Banff World TV Festival
The creation of FLASHPOINT by PKLaf
Flashpoint Cast Profiles on Etalk: Enrico Colantoni, Amy Jo Johnson, Hugh Dillon and David Paetkau
Etalk Festival Redcarpet - Cast of Flashpoint
Dose.ca's Leah Collins talks to the cast of Flashpoint at the eTalk Festival
News 10 (2011) A Chat with Actor Hugh Dillon of 'Flashpoint'
The popular TV drama makes a move to the ION Television network.
The Marilyn Denis Show (2011) The Men of Flashpoint
The guys behind the Strategic Response Unit on CTV’s international hit TV series, Flashpoint, invade The Marilyn Denis Show
The Marilyn Denis Show (2011) Even more with the men of Flashpoint
The guys from Flashpoint, Enrico Colantoni (“Sgt. Gregory Parker”), Hugh Dillon (“Ed Lane”), David Paetkau (“Sam Braddock”), Michael Cram (“Kevin ‘Wordy’ Wordsworth”), and Sergio Di Zio (“Mike ‘Spike’ Scarlatti”) give viewers a glimpse into the life of TV’s top cop unit and the series’ gripping cliff-hanger third season finale, airing immediately following Super Bowl XLV
The Marilyn Denis Show (2011) After the show
After the show, web producer John Filomena digs a little deeper into the personalities of the men of Flashpoint
IGN - UK Edition (2008) Behind The Scenes
Scenes and interview with Mark Ellis, Stephanie Morgenstern, Hugh Dillon, Sergio di Zio, David Paetkau
Video su Sergio di Zio
Video about Sergio di Zio
Video su Hugh Dillon
Video about Hugh Dillon
Video su Enrico Colantoni
Video about Enrico Colantoni
Video su Amy Jo Johnson
Video about Amy Jo Johnson
Video su David Paetkau
Video about David Paetkau

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